How did you get the name Eagle Park?

In the barren deserts, just south of Guanajuato, Mexico, there once lived a tribe of warriors who used the land to contact the spirits of the emancipated elders. Through these sacred connections, these young warriors grew into their metaphysical soul, a soul that drew them to their noble consciousness. To this day, the elders speak of this young tribe who soared unnoticed through the skies of these once sacred lands that are now known as Eagle Park.

It’s the combined name of the two streets – Eagle Trace & Deer Park – we grew up on in Wisconsin. And where we started our band…and our beer.

Where can I buy your beer in cans?

Our cans are only available for purchase at the brewery at this time.

Why do you only sell your cans at the brewery?

The substantial amount of hops, fruit, and other specialty ingredients we use in our beers demand great care to maintain their delicate aromas and flavors. To do this we treat our beers the same way you would any fresh food or beverage. We keep them as cold and as fresh as possible so you can enjoy our beers at their peak.

Should I cellar your beers?

We package all of our beers when we feel they are ready to be enjoyed so we suggest that you imbibe as soon as possible after purchase.

What is your member program all about?

Check out the member section of our website to learn about how you can take advantage of all the awesome perks!