Who We Are

Eagle Park Brewing was founded by two brothers who live to write music and drink beer. Like their band, the brewing started in the garage, and like their songs, the beer tells a story. It’s a story of dedication and commitment to the craft beer community that comes through in every pour, every toast, and every taste.

The Story

The story of our beer?


Well, if you respect beer as much as we do, then you’ve heard a lot of stories.
A good story is the key ingredient to a good beer. Our story isn’t going to win us a Literary Award, but we like the way it reads:


Eagle Park Brewing Company has been in the beer business since…well, since we first tasted (legally, of course) the sweet, marvelous beverage that’s made from malted grain. If you think about it, we’re all in the beer business. Seriously, think about it, if you buy a pint or six pack of your favorite beer, guess what, that makes you a part of the beer business. So the question really isn’t, “How long have we been in the beer business?” it’s, “When did we turn our passion for making beer into a business? The answer… Recently.


We know the craft beer industry is flooded with fly-by-night labels that warrant no respect. We won’t be one of them. We prove our dedication and commitment to you and the craft beer community through every pour, every toast and every taste.


Eagle Park Brewing Company was founded by two brothers, Max & Jack Borgardt.


Two brothers who love writing music and playing in a band together.Two brothers who absolutely love drinking beer together. Two brothers who started brewing in their garage together. Two brothers who had to make a decision…


Win a Grammy… Or… Brew amazing beer.


It wasn’t an easy decision. But the brothers decided their love for beer could tell stories of their love for music. And vice versa. So, they decided to do both.


That’s our story. Really.


Many different elements make great beer… and great music. Welcome to our passions.

Tap Room









To Go Beer




Karate Chopped Fries $6

Because calling them hand cut fries would just be boring! Tossed in Cotija cheese, herbs, pickled mustard seed. (GF)
(Choice of 1 sauce)

Beer Cheese Fries $8

Add Pork $5

Add Chicken $4

Add Seasonal Vegetables $4


Chips & Dip $4

House made seasoned BBQ chips, cucumber cheese spread. (D)

Cheese Basket $10

Beer battered cheese curds, grilled Brazilian cheese. (Choice of 1 sauce) (D)

Brazilian Cheese Bread $8

Served with stewed tomato sauce. (GF)

Crispy Naked Wings

Tea marinated, hop smoked, pepper herb and citrus rubbed. (Choice of 1 sauce) (GF)

Full Pound $11

Half Pound $6

Duck Confit Pierogis $10

Cherry stout jam, roasted fingerling potatoes, malt vinegar, spicy microgreens.

Chicken Tostadas $8

Three Tostadas with chili-stewed Chicken, House Tostada, Crema, Chimichurri, Cotija, Pickled Jalapenos, Radish, Corn Nuts. (D)

Get To The Kofta $10

Lebanese Style Vegan Meatball, Cucumber Aioli, Preserved Lemon Chutney, Date Syrup, Mint & Arugula Salad. (V)

The Sausage Party $20

½ lbs Brat, ½ lbs Chorizo, Mole Ketchup, Mixed Pickles, Pretzel Bites, Beer Cheese, Kraut.

(Serves 2-4)


Basic Burger $10

1/3 lb. chuck/short rib smash patty, Hook’s 5 Year American cheese, lettuce, tomato, onions, karate chopped fries. (DS)

Smashburger $13

1/3 lb. chuck/short rib smash patty, house cured bacon, Hook’s 5 Year American cheese, mixed pickles, pickled mustard seeds, lettuce, tomato, caramelized onions, garlic mayo, karate chopped fries. (DS)

Impossible Burger $15

1/3 lb. smashed vegan patty, Hook’s 5 Year American cheese, mixed pickles, pickled mustard seeds, lettuce, tomato, onions, garlic mayo,
karate chopped fries. (DS)

(Can be made vegan-friendly upon request)

Grilled Cheese $12

Hook’s 5 year Cheddar, Fennel Red Pepper Jam, House Bacon, Garlic Mayo, Raw Onion, Tomato, Brazilian Cheese, Arugula, Karate Chopped Fries. (D)

Buffalo Curry Chicken Sandwich $12

Coconut marinated and fried chicken, buffalo curry sauce, blistered cherry tomato, creamy dill slaw, lime raisin chutney, mixed pickles,
garlic mayo, fresh herbs, karate chopped fries. (D)


Brisket Sammy $15

Smoked brisket, black bean aioli, spicy pickled cabbage, mushrooms, parmesan, cilantro, karate chopped fries. (S)

Smoked Pork Sammy $14

Brandy old fashioned marinated pulled pork, pickled cherry chutney, orange vinaigrette, garlic aioli, coalho cheese, karate chopped fries.

Dirty Birdy $13

Smoked chicken, cherry tomato, creme fraiche, mixed pickles, lemon vinaigrette, karate chopped fries. (D)


Mole Ketchup

Peppercorn Ranch

Cocoa Blue Cheese

Mustard Chimichurri

Cherry Stout Jam

Garlic Aioli

Kimchi Aioli

Beer Cheese

Cucumber Cheese Spread
Seasonal Jam

Buffalo Sauce (D)


Mixed Pickles $0.50

Fried Egg $1

House Cured Bacon $1.50

Fried Brazilian Cheese (3oz.) $5


How did you get the name Eagle Park?

In the barren deserts, just south of Guanajuato, Mexico, there once lived a tribe of warriors who used the land to contact the spirits of the emancipated elders. Through these sacred connections, these young warriors grew into their metaphysical soul, a soul that drew them to their noble consciousness. To this day, the elders speak of this young tribe who soared unnoticed through the skies of these once sacred lands that are now known as Eagle Park.

It’s the combined name of the two streets – Eagle Trace & Deer Park – we grew up on in Wisconsin. And where we started our band…and our beer.

Where can I buy your beer in cans?

Our cans are only available for purchase at the brewery at this time.

Why do you only sell your cans at the brewery?

The substantial amount of hops, fruit, and other specialty ingredients we use in our beers demand great care to maintain their delicate aromas and flavors.  To do this we treat our beers the same way you would any fresh food or beverage. We keep them as cold and as fresh as possible so you can enjoy our beers at their peak.

Should I cellar your beers?

We package all of our beers when we feel they are ready to be enjoyed so we suggest that you imbibe as soon as possible after purchase.

What is your member program all about?

Check out the member section of our website to learn about how you can take advantage of all the awesome perks!



$50 per year gets you:

– $1 off every full pour of beer
– $1 off every crowler
– Invites to our member parties


$75 per year gets you:

– $1 off every full pour of beer
– $1 off every crowler
– Invites to our member parties
– Togo Beer Available The Day Before Releases

– Members Only BBA Beer Release (Purchase Required)

– Limit 300 People Annually

Note: An allocation of special release beers available for pickup the day prior to the public releases. Some beers excluded due to limited quantities, no proxies are allowed, member pickup is “first come, first serve” and beer will not be reserved for those unable to pick up their allotment.

Next time you stop by the taproom, ask your bartender and they will be happy to help you!

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